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The Life sermon series resources

– Jesus

In our sermon series on the Gospel of John, THE LIFE, we will be exploring what it means to have a good and full life. What does this kind of life look like? The Bible tells us that it’s found in Jesus.  As we walk through the second half of the book of John we hope you discover answers to these questions:  What is abundant life? How do I get it? How can I keep it? So come along with us on this journey. Your life can change forever!  

Week 1

In our new sermon series on John’s gospel Jesus tells us that this full life is found in him, “these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name” (Jn 20:31). John’s Gospel is all about Life.

Week 2

Jesus teaches and demonstrates that if you are a Christian, you need to kill pride and use your power for the well-being of others. This is what God did and that is what he demands. Don’t overthink this. How might you take steps in this direction? This week we’ll be diving into John 13 and the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.

Week 3

Last week John spoke about Jesus washing the disciples feet – tossing social convention aside and doing for them what they would not do for each other. Demonstrating what is expected. There are two other themes in the second half of John 13: betrayal and love. We are going to focus on the second.

Week 4

We are now four weeks into our study of the gospel of John. This new series is called “The Life”, as we are exploring together the life that Jesus is inviting us to experience. So far, we have learned that it is a life of humility, a life of service, and a life of love. This week Mike is in John 14, and he will be focusing what it looks like to live life in light of eternity. 

Week 5

Today we continue our sermon series called THE LIFE. We have been discovering how we can have abundant life. Today Pastor Mike will be teaching from the second half of John 14, and focusing on a life of obedience that comes out of our love for God and our gratefulness for all that he has done for us.

Week 6

As we continue our series on The Life in the book of John, we come to chapter 15, where Jesus builds an extended metaphor about Himself as the vine, and his followers as the branches. What does it mean to remain in the vine, and how do we do that in a world of hurry?

Week 7

This Sunday we are privileged to welcome Cory Ratliff back to our church and we’ll be hearing from him about Jesus’ command to love one another as He has loved us.

Week 8

Today, Mike will be focusing on the fact that some of the greatest threats to our faith are suffering, pain, and loss. Jesus wants to make sure that in the hard times, we remember His love and the power of the Holy Spirit. The life Jesus promises us is not easy, but it is abundant!

Week 9

This Sunday, Pastor Dustin Hacker continues our series through the Gospel of John. He will be preaching out of John 16.

Week 10

This is week ten of our nineteen-week series on the second half of John. We are marching through the last week of Christ’s life as we move through Lent. Today we are thinking about peace – inner peace – which we all want, and we looking at what is packed into the Jewish concept of Shalom.

Week 11

We are continuing THE LIFE series and today we are looking at John 17 – a conversation between God the Father and God the Son and we get a chance to see what Jesus wants for us – what He prays for us. This prayer – which is the longest prayer we hear Christ pray, includes several key things including 1) That we would be shaped by truth; 2) That we would be holy; 3) That we would remain mission focused; and 4) That we would be unified. Today we are going to focus on the last–unity.

Week 13

A crowd gathers with palms to see Jesus enter Jerusalem on a donkey. Although their hopes and dreams culminated in this moment they didn’t know or understand who Jesus really was. The life Jesus promised starts with believing in Him for who he said he is and not our assumptions of what we want him to be. 

Week 15

In the final sermon of our LIFE series, we are looking at the last chapter of the gospel of John, where Jesus is restoring Peter through repentance and encouragement.