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You can help make an impact in the church!

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At Christ Church, we believe that finding your fit involves embracing the idea of serving within the church community. We recognize and honor the unique gifts and talents bestowed upon each individual by God. Our mission is to help every member discover their true calling and identify the areas where they can contribute and serve best. Through various programs, ministries, and opportunities for involvement, we strive to create a supportive environment where everyone can find their purpose and make a meaningful impact in the church and beyond.

Apply to be a Volunteer

Volunteers are an important part of our Christ Church family. Help make a way for others to experience Jesus and apply to serve today!


Creating an excellent and welcoming experience as we host our guests, volunteers, and Christ Church team. Hospitality sets the table and serves many rooms of our church on Sundays and various days of the week.


Eagerly and happily engage with guests as the first point of contact for Christ Church, as well as the last goodbye as they depart. Help provide direction in the parking lot and manage the flow of traffic.

Christ Church Kids

(Lighthouse and Fleet 45)
Lead our Kindergarten through 5th grade kids to Jesus through weekly teachings, music, large group games, and small group discussions. You can also serve on the Host Team for Christ Church kids – this allows you the space to interact with the whole family and welcome them as they get settled into our space.

Christ Church Students

(Cove, Compass and SHYG)
Invest in the next generation with us as we meet for worship, teaching, games, and more. There is an additional application process for this team and may be sent along after your initial volunteer application is received.

Production Team

Responsible for lighting, audio, and video production for each
gathering, not only on Sundays, but also during the week. We help to create a unique worship experience for guests, both in the room and those joining us online.

Worship Team

Uses music to help create a worshipful environment where we can shift our focus to God and lift up the name of Jesus. There is an additional application process for this team and may be sent along after your initial volunteer application is received.

Creative Team

Join us in telling the story, in a creative way, of how Jesus is working in
and through our church. There are lots of different ways this is done – through our environments, social media, photography, and more.


(Lake Forest)
The physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of our guests is extremely important to us. Help provide a safe and distraction-free environment for all guests, volunteers, and teams.


(Lake Forest)
Create a welcoming environment for all guests to enter in by greeting, serving, and connecting with everyone who comes through the doors each week.

Women's Ministry


A dedicated church women’s ministry volunteer exudes warmth and compassion, she tirelessly supports and empowers women in their spiritual journey, fostering a welcoming and inclusive community of love and understanding. 

Men's Ministry


A committed church men’s ministry volunteer exemplifies strength and humility, leading by example and encouraging fellow men to deepen their faith and strengthen their relationships with God and others.

Being a volunteer at Christ Church means actively participating in serving the church community and utilizing your God-given gifts to make a positive difference in the lives of others.