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Programs for children in 4th & 5th grade


Fleet 45 ministry is designed to meet the unique needs of kids in 4th and 5th grade. 4th and 5th graders are motivated by fun, love to laugh, play, learn and connect, but lack the self-consciousness that might hold them back or slow them down. Fleet 45 focuses on developing the kids in their faith, while giving them opportunities to serve, lead and grow.

Fleet 45 Upcoming Events

Christmas Lock-In
DECEMBER 2, 6 – 11:11 PM

Kick off the Christmas season with our 1st annual Fleet 45 Christmas Lock In. Dinner, games, prizes and more. All friends welcome!

Weekends at Fleet 45

Our weekend services give kids an opportunity to attend worship with their families, connect to a community of friends (we call small groups), listen to age-appropriate teaching and of course have lots of fun.

Grades 4th – 5th


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