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The Book of Exodus unveils a profound spiritual journey, as it recounts the transformative saga of the Israelites’ liberation from Egypt. In this gripping sermon series, we’ll explore the themes of faith, obedience, and divine deliverance. From the burning bush encounter with God to the awe-inspiring display of His power through the plagues, the series delves into the significance of trusting God’s guidance amidst trials. As we follow Moses and the Israelites through the Red Sea to their eventual covenant with God at Mount Sinai, we’ll draw parallels to our own modern lives, finding inspiration to persevere through life’s challenges and embrace a deeper relationship with the Almighty.

Sermon: November 26

Acts 7: Living a compelling life


In Acts 7, Stephen delivers a powerful sermon recounting the history of God’s people, emphasizing the importance of living a compelling story anchored in faith and obedience. He highlights how embracing God’s calling transforms individual lives into a narrative that reflects His redemptive plan, inspiring others to walk boldly in the path of righteousness.


Sermon: November 19

Exodus 17:8

In Exodus 17:8-16, we witness the pivotal moment when Moses, supported by Aaron and Hur, intercedes with raised hands during a battle. As long as Moses kept his hands raised, the Israelites prevailed, teaching us the power of persistent prayer and reliance on God’s strength in the face of life’s struggles.



Sermon: November 12

Exodus 17:1-7

In Exodus 17:1-7, the Israelites, journeying through the wilderness, face a severe lack of water, testing their faith and patience. God, ever merciful, provides water from a rock in response to Moses’ prayer, highlighting the importance of trust in God’s provision even in the midst of challenges.



Sermon: November 5

Exodus 14:15-31

In Exodus 14:15-31, we witness the incredible power of faith and obedience. As the Israelites faced the daunting Red Sea before them and the pursuing Egyptian army behind, Moses’ unwavering trust in God led to the miraculous parting of the waters, a reminder that when we have faith and follow God’s guidance, even the most insurmountable obstacles can be overcome with divine intervention.

Sermon: October 29

Exodus 12:1-5

In Exodus 12:1-5, God instructs the Israelites to prepare for the Passover, emphasizing the importance of selecting a spotless lamb on the 10th day of the month, keeping it until the 14th day, and then sacrificing it at twilight. This passage teaches us the significance of obedience and the foreshadowing of Christ as the Lamb of God, whose sacrifice brings salvation and protection to those who trust in Him.

Sermon: October 22

Exodus 10:1-18

In Exodus 10:1-18, we witness the relentless and awe-inspiring power of God as He sends a plague of locusts to humble Pharaoh, illustrating His sovereignty over creation and His determination to free the Israelites from their bondage. This passage serves as a stark reminder of God’s ability to use even the natural world to accomplish His divine purpose and underscores the importance of yielding to His will.

Sermon: October 15

Exodus 7:1-6

Exodus 7:1-6 reveals the importance of God’s divine appointment in the life of Moses and Aaron as they are called to be instruments of His power and authority in confronting Pharaoh. This passage emphasizes that God equips and empowers individuals for their specific roles in His divine plan, underscoring the significance of obedience and faith in fulfilling their calling.

Sermon Recap: October 8

Exodus 6:1-11

In Exodus 6:1-11, God reassures Moses of His unwavering commitment to fulfill His promises. Despite the challenges and doubts, God reminds us that He is faithful, and we can trust Him to bring about His plans and deliver us from our hardships when we obediently follow His guidance.