As women, we are blessed with the ability to inspire, strengthen and share our lives with each other in a very personal and unique way. So we’d love to provide you with the opportunity to find a great bunch of ladies who you can do this journey of life with and do just that – inspire, strengthen & share!


Christ Church desires to engage, equip, encourage, empower, and disciple men of all ages based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, biblical principals, and practices, with the intention of strengthening their morals, standards, relationships, goals, and leadership skills to better their lives and those around them for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in family and our community.

empty nesters

The Christ Church Empty Nesters’ Ministry plans social events and service projects where members connect, make friends, have fun and share their faith.

the collective

The Collective offers connection, fellowship, community and support to singles (mid forties+) as we seek to navigate our life stages as committed Christians. Our mission? Christian singles connecting for the glory of Christ.