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the story: a lessons & carols series

​This is week two of The Story: A Lessons and Carols Experience. As we noted last week, Lessons and Carols is a tradition that developed about 150 years ago in England. Lessons and Carols services normally unfold in one setting – and that is the way we have done this over most of the last forty years. But in light of some COVID challenges, and with the hope of going a bit deeper – of unpacking the story – we are taking two lessons per week. We think of ourselves as being brighter than those who lived before us. In some ways, sure. In others, no. Many today are not as conversant with The Story or the songs that accompany them. This four-week format gives us a chance to point out what is going on. Today is week two of Advent and week two of Lessons and Carols. Last week, for the first two lessons we covered Genesis 1 and 3. We turn now to the next two lessons, focusing first on Genesis 12.


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