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Congratulations on your recent engagement and thank you for your interest in hosting a wedding at Christ Church!

We believe that a wedding is a religious ceremony that should be a Christ-centered celebration of a man and a woman being united by God. We desire that all weddings held at Christ Church be done in a way that brings honor and glory to God and is consistent with the beliefs of our church.

Our wedding ministry focuses on our memebers and attenders.

Couples who are members or who consistently attend Crhsit Church and are interested in using a Christ Church facility for their wedding should fill out the wedding application below to begin the wedding planning process. This form provides us all of the initial information we need to best serve you in the preparation process. Once you complete the form, the wedding administrator will contact you for your first meeting with a Christ Church pastor.

For more information, call 847-234-1001

Due to the business of the holiday season, we will not schedule any weddings in the months of November and December.

Let us know about your wedding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Securing a Wedding Ceremony Date

The first step in the wedding planning process is to complete the wedding application above. Once your application has been received at the church, we will work with you to schedule an appointment with a Christ Church wedding administrator.

To finalize a reservation for your wedding, your application must be approved. After this step is complete, a contract will be created and you will return the signed contract with a deposit payment. The remaining payment is due one month prior to your wedding date.


Our goal is to keep wedding fees as low as possible. The following table shows the fees for hosting a wedding at Christ Church.

Description Member Non-Member
Wedding Fee
Includes: facility use (lobby, glass hallway, sanctuary, bride’s room, groom’s room), onsite facilities team member, sound technician, wedding coordinator, and pre-marital counseling.
Refundable Security Deposit
Refundable security deposit secures additional expenses incurred according to the terms of the contract agreement with Christ Church.


Optional Services Member Non-Member
Christ Church Pastor $TBD $TBD
Pianist $TBD $TBD
Am I required to have a Christ Church Pastor officiate the ceremony?

We are open to a pastor who is not affiliated with Christ Church officiating your ceremony, but please note that anyone officiating a wedding at any of the Christ Church campuses must be affiliated with a Christian church.

Church Regulations
Smoking is permitted only outside the church facilities and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in our facilities or on the church grounds. We are certain that you and your guests will understand that Christ Church is a place of worship and that everyone will be respectful in all wedding-related activities.
Premarital Resources

It is our desire to help couples prepare for marriage by laying a foundation for a God-centered life together and help develop their relationship. All couples desiring a Christ Church ceremony is expected to attend pre-marital counseling. Contact the wedding administrator for more information and resources.

Our Campuses

We have three campuses available for weddings, each with their own unique aspects.

CROSSROADS: Our Crossroads Campus is unique in that there are several places where you might hold the ceremony. The beautiful commons area provides a great place for the bride to come down an architectural set of stairs.

HIGHLAND PARK: Our Highland Park campus is perfect for smaller weddings and can handle up to 150 guests. It has unique stain glass windows and a traditional feel. It is a beautiful church both day and night and can handle both daytime and evening weddings.

LAKE FOREST: Our Lake Forest Campus is perfect for larger weddings of 200 or more and is great for daytime weddings. All of the windows let in lots of light.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Christ Church holds one wedding per weekend with the rehearsals typically held the evening before the ceremony (please note that we do not hold any receptions, or allowed food of any kind at our facilities). Friday evening weddings must begin no later than 6:00 pm and Saturday weddings must begin no later than 1:00 pm.

Due to ministry schedules, holidays and special events not all dates and times are available; please check with our wedding administrator prior to selecting a date for your wedding. Weddings will not be scheduled in December due to the holidays.

Christ Church Campus Rehearsal Days/Times Ceremony Days/Times
Lake Forest Thursday/Friday 4:00 pm
Thursday/Friday 5:00 pm
Thursday/Friday 5:30 pm
Friday 2:00 pm
Friday 3:00 pm
Friday 4:00 pm
Saturday 1:00 pm Saturday 3:00 pm
Sunday 3:00 pm
Highland Park Thursday/Friday 4:00 pm
Thursday/Friday 5:00 pm
Thursday/Friday 5:30 pm
Friday/Saturday 1:00 pm
Friday/Saturday 2:00 pm
Friday/Saturday 3:00 pm
Friday/Saturday 4:00 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm
Sunday 3:00 pm
Crossroads Thursday/Friday 4:00 pm
Thursday/Friday 5:00 pm
Thursday/Friday 6:00 pm
Friday/Saturday 1:00 pm
Friday/Saturday 2:00 pm
Friday/Saturday 3:00 pm
Friday/Saturday 4:00 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm
Sunday 3:00 pm

Wedding Coordinator
We have a team of wedding coordinators for all Christ Church weddings. A coordinator will be provided by the church and will be present at both the rehearsal and the wedding. She will contact you approximately four to six weeks prior to your wedding. The bride and groom will typically have one appointment with the coordinator to go over the wedding details and answer any questions that may arise (the ceremony details are also discussed with your officiating pastor). The wedding coordinator fee is included.
Flowers & Decorations

Christ Church does not offer decor for weddings. The simple beauty of our sanctuaries do not necessitate elaborate decorations. Garlands of tulle or greenery are very effective, as are floral arrangements placed on the table. Decor is not allowed to be affixed to pews, doors or railings. Command strips, nails, and tacs are not permitted.

Candles, if they are used, may be lit prior to the service or become part of the ceremony. Fire codes prohibit lit candles at pew ends unless contained in hurricane globes. Because of air drafts, only tube candles or liquid candles (dripless) may be used with the exception of the unity candle. Christ Church has two (liquid candle) candelabras available for use at no extra charge. There are seven candles on each. Candles must be provided by the bride and groom.

Although an aisle runner is optional, we have found that wedding dresses look very pretty against the carpet, especially in photographs. Paper aisle runners do not generally stay in place without being taped. Please do not use any nails, tacks, staples, screws, pins, tape or anything else that will mar any woodwork, carpet or wall finishes.

The Lake Forest campus has stage design on the platform that cannot be removed. Please note that is part of the background for your wedding. It can be decorated with flowers, draped with cloth or lighted up but it cannot be removed. Instruments will only be removed from the stage.

Included in the wedding fee is the necessary cleaning of the facility after the rehearsal and ceremony are concluded. Please note that decoration setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the wedding party.

We advise that our organist/pianist, Judy Kohl, be used for all weddings. She is a professional musician and a wonderful resource for music suggestions. She is also familiar with, and happy to refer, other talented musicians. The organist fee is separate from the overall fees paid to the church. Any extra hiring of musicians done through Judy will also require an additional fee. Please contact Judy for more information at judygkohl@gmail.com or 847-769-7447.
Photography & Video

Professional photographers will want to know about church regulations and guidelines. Please tell your photographer and videographer that they may not take pictures or record from the platform/stage during the ceremony. We find that inconspicuous photography and video recording are easy, particularly with our balcony and side aisles, and can result in a surprisingly intimate record of the ceremony.


Christ Church has sophisticated sound systems which requires special attention. We have a team of sound technicians available for weddings. This person will be at the wedding rehearsal and ceremony to coordinate microphones and sound for words and music. Should you have questions regarding your sound needs, please contact your wedding coordinator. The sound technician fee is included. Outside technicians are not allowed.

Ceremony & Programs
You will want to work with the pastor to create your own personal ceremony. A typical service might include a musical prelude, lighting of candles, processional, invocation, music/solos, prayer, readings, exchange of vows and rings, declaration of intent, pastoral charge, pronouncement of marriage, benediction, introduction of the couple and recessional

Christ Church is in Lake County. Your marriage license must be obtained through the County Clerk’s Office in Waukegan. The number is (847) 377-2411 or you can visit the website. Remember that the license must be obtained at least 1 day prior to the ceremony