Upcoming Membership Classes

Stay tuned for an update on our next membership class!

We believe every Christian should belong to a local church and take ownership of that church.

This includes serving, giving, and participating in biblical community.


As followers of Jesus, we believe our commitment to Christ is shown and strengthened through a meaningful commitment to a local church. It’s not like a club membership where you have to join to participate. It’s like joining a family and embracing the unity of having brothers and sisters who encourage you in your faith.

What is the class about?

It’s an opportunity to get under the hood of what makes Christ Church run and to consider becoming a member of our local congregation. The class doesn’t commit you to joining the church (i.e. you may feel free to attend, but choose not to pursue membership), but it is required in order to complete the membership process.

When and where?

The Membership Class is a one-time, two-hour session held at each of our campuses. We cover the same content in each class, so you can choose the campus and/or evening that works best for you, no matter which campus you regularly attend.