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Mike Woodruff - November 13, 2022

There's Work to be Done: Compassion

Jesus taught many things – indeed, the gospel writers state that he taught many things not recorded in their books. But under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel writers curated a list of stories and parables, and in those four books, one topic seems to occur more often than all the rest—compassion. Today we continue in our sermon series, There’s Work To Be Done, and we are focusing on and thinking about: people who work up and down the medical field – doctors and nurses and medical technicians of all types, social workers and day care workers and hospice workers and so many others.

From Series: "There's Work to Be Done"

Work can be exhilarating and exhausting. Our work can be all-consuming one day and entirely absent the next. Our work can result in widespread public attention or go completely unrecognized. While people spend more hours working than any other activity (meaning our "paid and unpaid work"), we often don't have a clear sense of how it fits into God's plan for our lives. We want to make the connection more clear. In the series, There's Work to be Done, we will spend five weeks looking at how we are to represent God's heavenly character in the earthly work we do. God is good, just, beautiful, compassionate, and wise – and those characteristics should mark our working lives.

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