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1.Share the link to our worship service with friends and family.

What a great time to invite people to hear the good news of Jesus! When you see an announcement about our weekend worship service on your social media timeline, share with some friends, and invite people to watch at the same time you are watching. You can also copy and paste the link to our services and text or email to friends:  www.christchurchil.org/watch


2. Be ready before the service begins.

Just as you know which service you will physically attend, choose the time you will watch online this weekend. Don’t have the service passively playing in the background. Set the room and make the worship gathering the focus of the hour.


3. Reduce distractions. 

If you are multitasking, you won’t be able to fully engage.


4. Pray that the Lord will teach you and encourage you. 

Take time before the service begins to ask the Lord to speak to you.


5. Sing aloud. Yes, it feels awkward at first. But go for it!

Some people don’t sing in church because they feel embarrassed by their singing. As you watch from home, it is just you or you and people who love you.


6. Follow along in your Bible. Take notes. 

Don’t be lazy in hearing the message (Hebrews 4:11). Press in.


7. If you normally give in the giving boxes, give online.

Giving is a spiritual discipline that reminds us God is the One who meets all our needs. You can click here to give.


8. Reflect on the message or discuss the message with others.