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This Is My Story sermon series resources

starting april 23

Join us starting April 23 for a sermon series called This is My Story. Each week we will be looking at a different biblical character. These stories are not just history lessons; they are life lessons. And they will show us the most important life lesson of all: that God loves us. Each week we will see how God works powerfully through each person’s story. Including ours.

Jay’s Story

Week 1

Today we kick off our new sermon series, This Is My Story.  For the next nine weeks we will be looking at some amazing stories in the Bible—stories that have the power to inspire and transform us. From the faith of Abraham to the courage of Esther, the Bible is full of examples of people who faced incredible challenges. Yet, as we study these biblical characters, we hope you will be encouraged and strengthened to face your own challenges without fear, knowing with God’s help anything is possible.

Rebecca’s Story

Week 2

Today’s sermon on Ruth from the Bible focuses on the theme of redemption and the faithfulness of God during suffering. Through Ruth’s story, we see God’s providence and love for His people, as He brings restoration and healing amid difficult circumstances.

Pastor Syler Thomas

Week 3

Today, as we continue our This Is My Story series, we’re looking at the most important person in the history of Christianity other than Jesus, the Apostle Paul. What made him go from enemy of Christ to devoted follower, the man who wrote nearly half of the books of the New Testament? And what can we learn from that transformation.


Week 4

The story of Mary is a powerful reminder of God’s love and mercy towards all people, regardless of their social status or background. Mary was a young, humble woman who was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.


Lakelight Fellowship Program

Week 5

Barnabas, also known as Joseph, was a generous and encouraging figure in the early Christian community. He played a crucial role in vouching for the conversion of Paul and facilitating his acceptance among the believers. Barnabas accompanied Paul on missionary journeys, establishing churches and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

sam’s story

Week 6

Pastor Anthony Morgan Sr., a former athlete turned minister, discovered his faith in Jesus Christ through the gospel shared by his teammate Reggie White. After accepting the call into ministry in 2002, he dedicated over a decade to teaching, counseling, and serving as a spiritual leader at Christian Valley Missionary Baptist Church. In September 2018, Pastor Morgan became the Pastor of the church, emphasizing the motto “Together! We Succeed” and continuing to inspire others with his humor, warmth, transparency, and strength.


cheryl’s story

Week 7

This passage recounts the story of Cain and Abel, the two sons of Adam and Eve. After Cain becomes a farmer and Abel a shepherd, both bring offerings to God. While God accepts Abel’s offering, he rejects Cain’s, leading to Cain’s jealousy and subsequent murder of his brother, Abel, out of anger and envy.


paul’s story

Week 8

In Esther 4:12-16, Queen Esther is approached by Mordecai, who urges her to intervene and save the Jewish people from an impending massacre orchestrated by Haman. Esther hesitates at first due to the potential danger, but Mordecai reminds her that she, too, will not be spared. Moved by his words including, “who knows but you have come to your royal position for such a time as this,” Esther resolves to approach the king, saying, “If I perish, I perish.”



Week 9

This weekend is not only Father’s Day, but the final Sunday of our ‘This Is My Story’ series. We’ll turn to Judges 6 and look at Caleb, a man who followed God wholeheartedly and lived a long and faithful life.