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Join us for a transformative journey through the Book of James in our series, “Live It Out.” Discover practical wisdom to live out your faith authentically and impactfully. Explore themes like genuine faith, wisdom, caring for others, and avoiding worldly ambitions. Let’s move beyond passive belief into active discipleship, transforming our lives and our world for God’s glory.



In James 1:1-18, we are reminded of the transformative power of trials and challenges in our lives. James encourages believers to view difficulties as opportunities for growth and to ask God for wisdom when facing them. We are reminded that God does not tempt us, but instead provides us with good and perfect gifts, and when we persevere through trials with faith, we will receive the crown of life.



Today as we look at the end of James Chapter 1, we are going to learn WHAT behavior James considers to be spiritually wholesome, HOW we are supposed to gain this behavior and WHY this behavior is important.



In James 2:1-13, we are reminded of the importance of treating others with impartiality and love, regardless of their social status or appearance. The passage challenges us to examine our hearts and motives, urging us to resist the temptation of favoritism and discrimination. James emphasizes that true faith is revealed through actions, urging us to extend mercy and kindness to all, just as we have received God’s abundant grace.


In this powerful sermon based on James 2:14-26, we are reminded that true faith is not merely a passive belief, but an active force that transforms our lives. James challenges us to examine the authenticity of our faith by the works we produce, emphasizing that faith without deeds is dead. We are called to demonstrate our faith through compassionate action, showing love and kindness to those in need, for it is through our actions that our faith is made complete.


We are continuing our Live It Out series from the book of James, and today’s sermon is from James chapter 3, with a focus on wisdom.

DUSTIN HACKER – James 4:13-5:12

In James 4:13-5:12, we are reminded of the fleeting nature of life and the uncertainty of the future. The passage urges us to humbly submit to God’s will, trust in His timing, and live with integrity, knowing that He is the ultimate Judge who rewards those who endure hardships with faith and patience.

paul fowler – James 5:13-20

James 5:13-20 emphasizes the power of prayer and the importance of mutual support within a community of believers. It encourages believers to pray in times of trouble, seek guidance from one another, and fervently intercede for healing and restoration, fostering spiritual growth and unity.

mike woodruff – 1 Corinthians 3

Paul’s comments in I Corinthians 3 have been unsettling me. He makes it clear that in order to live well we need to grow, but many people do not. I think this is an important moment to hear this because the volume and velocity of our culture is becoming stronger. And that means, we need to be stronger. We need to be more intentionally following Christ, because we are no longer floating in a stream with a five mile current. We are now in white water. The skills – the level of spiritual maturity that was sufficient when you were floating down the lazy river in an inner-tube doesn’t work in the rapids.