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Advent Sermon Series

Experience the magic of prophecy in our Advent sermon series, “Christmas Foretold,” as we explore the Book of Isaiah. Unveiling the meticulously foretold promises of the Messiah, this four-part series connects Old Testament prophecies with the birth of Jesus, celebrating the true essence of Christmas.

Delving into Isaiah’s poetic verses, we uncover themes of hope, joy, peace, and love that echo through the Christmas story. Join us in reflecting on the profound significance of Christ’s arrival, bringing light to darkness, hope to the hopeless, and salvation to all. “Christmas Foretold” invites you to unwrap the gift of Christmas through Isaiah’s prophetic lens, fostering wonder and reverence for the fulfillment of God’s promises in the birth of Jesus Christ.

ISAIAH 60:18-22

Isaiah 60:18-22 conveys a message of divine restoration and everlasting peace, emphasizing that God’s people will no longer experience violence or destruction. The verses underscore the promise of a radiant future where God’s light will prevail, and nations will unite in worship, symbolizing the ultimate triumph of righteousness and harmony.

ISAIAH 52:13 – 53:12

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 portrays the prophetic vision of the suffering servant, foretelling the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This poignant passage emphasizes the profound love and atoning work of the servant, offering salvation and healing to all who believe in his sacrificial grace.

ISAIAH 11:1-9

Isaiah 11:1-9 prophesies the arrival of a righteous and just ruler from the lineage of Jesse, emphasizing the qualities of wisdom, understanding, and righteousness that will characterize his reign. This passage serves as a reminder of the hope and peace that will prevail under the leadership of the promised Messiah, symbolizing a future where harmony and justice reign supreme.

ISAIAH 9:1-7

Isaiah 9:1-7 delivers a powerful message of hope and salvation, proclaiming the arrival of a divine light in the midst of darkness. The passage foretells the birth of a child who will bring everlasting peace and establish a kingdom characterized by justice, righteousness, and the unending love of God.