Our Leadership


Leaders elected by the congregation for a fixed term. The elders are the ultimate governing board of the church. They not only act as counselors to and co-laborers with the Senior Pastor, they develop and guard our vision and mission and help shepherd the congregation.

  • Monte Dillow
  • Andrew Dun (Elder Chair)
  • David Kawala
  • Al Lee
  • Tom Luginbill
  • Billy Mendo
  • John Oswald
  • Steve Placeway
  • Mike Woodruff
  • Tony Zamble


Deacons are officials elected by the congregation for a fixed term. They report to the Elders and are responsible for the church’s business affairs, including its budget and human resources.

  • John Barth
  • Bill Bast
  • Pranob Bhattacharya
  • Ryan Birkhauser
  • Garrett Dee
  • Sonja Gibson
  • Jeff Hays
  • Becky Heller
  • Scott Morcott (Deacon Chair)
  • Kevin Scott
  • Mark Williams
  • Hui Yi