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For when a crisis suddenly presents itself and you find yourself unprepared. Or when the challenges of life seem to conspire against you and you don’t have enough food in you pantry; or you can’t afford to fix your leaking roof there are people at Christ Church who might be able to help.


HOGS (Hands of God Serving) meets to serve those who have requested their help every third Saturday from 8 am to noon.

Volunteers get together once a month to clean, paint, haul materials, and perform light plumbing, electrical and carpentry repairs in service to the elderly, single moms and those in need.


The Justice Center is a charitable legal aid ministry serving the needs of no-income, low-income, and even middle-income individuals in need. We are committed to bringing practical help in justice matters. We deal with landlord/tenant situations, contract disputes, custody enforcement, child support issues, fraud, and many other civil issues.

Financial Assistance

The St.James Benevolence Ministry has been providing for crisis needs within our church family and the community for over 25 years. This ministry is funded solely through donations from our congregation.

For more information about receiving help from the St. James Benevolence Ministry, call the church office at 847-234-1001.