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Responsible for planning and implementation of a comprehensive program of care, evangelism, spiritual growth and service opportunities for middle school students. Responsible for recruiting, training, equipping and development of leaders and volunteers working in the ministry.                                                                                                                                             


  • Recruit, develop and lead key volunteer leaders & paid staff who will comprise a Leadership Team and be responsible for overseeing key parts of the ministry
  • Oversee the recruitment, equipping, envisioning and care of all Middle School volunteers so that they see how their role impacts the students and supports the church mission
  • Ensure that there are 1-2 regular small group leaders for every 10 Middle School students in a small group who foster a connection with the parents and receive training
  • Provide pastoral care to the students and challenge them to grow their knowledge of God’s Word and love for Jesus Christ and others
  • Encourage and equip parents in their role as the spiritual leaders over their Middle School students
  • Participate in youth retreats, service projects, joint youth events, conferences, social outings, and other activities of interest to the youth
  • Plan/Manage the middle school curriculum to be used weekly
  • Help students discover their place of service in the church and community
  • Work strategically to reach out to unchurched Middle School students
  • Work as a team with Children’s ministry, High School Student Ministry and Family Ministry to ensure a quality curricular scope and sequence and smooth transitions between ministries
  • Fulfill other responsibilities if needed (i.e. weddings and funerals, etc.) as agreed up on by the campus pastor
  • Write and/or facilitate helpful articles, devotionals, resources, and discussions to encourage and equip Middle School students and parents
  • Facilitate a team approach with facilities staff relating to in-house ministry events



  • Attends all required training and meetings (staff, one-on-one, team, etc.)
  • Maintains a positive and professional demeanor towards co-workers, vendors, and guests
  • Adheres to all policies and procedures of Christ Church
  • Performs other duties as assigned



  • Build and develop quality teams for all locations utilizing volunteers
  • Manage your budget



  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree
  • An ability to lead, cast vision, and shepherd adult volunteers
  • A passion for and experience in leading, teaching, and growing a small group based Middle School students school ministry of 50 or more students
  • A heart for evangelizing unsaved Middle School students and their families
  • Experience in mobilizing Middle School students and families toward serving the needy
  • A commitment to teamwork and a teachable spirit



  • Models Christian character at work, home, and social life
  • Strive to uphold the Statement of Staff Values
  • Possess a developed Christian maturity
  • Agreement of Christ Church’s Statement of Faith
  • Understanding of Constitution and ByLaws of Christ Church
  • Willingness to serve in and/or outside the church


This position requires time spent on the following physical activities:

                                                                  None   Under   1/3 to     Over

                                                                              1/3         2/3          2/3

                                                Stand     |______|______|___x__|______|

                                                 Walk     |______|______|___x__|______|

                                                     Sit     |______|______|__x___|______|

Use hands to finger, handle, or feel    |______|______|__x___|______|

            Reach with hands and arms     |______|__x___|______|______|

                             Climb or balance     |______|__x___|______|______|

        Stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl     |______|__x___|______|______|

                                     Talk or hear     |______|______|______|__x___|

                                  Taste or smell     |__x___|______|______|______|



This position requires time spent lifting weight or exerting force in the following manner:

                                                                 None   Under     1/3 to   Over

                                                                                1/3         2/3         2/3      

                              Up to 10 pounds     |______|______|___x__|______|

                              Up to 25 pounds     |______|__x___|______|______|

                              Up to 50 pounds     |___x__|______|______|______|

                            Up to 100 pounds     |___x__|______|______|______|

                   More than 100 pounds     |___x__|______|______|______|