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By the grace of God, 2022 will witness the official commissioning of this promising clinic building located in the densely populated city of Lagos where there is an acute shortage of quality health care, especially for the poor.


From delivering babies to treating Malaria, the Life Builders Hospital is equipped to save lives and has truly been a blessing for both our students and staff. From delivering babies to treating diseases, our hospital has been able to provide affordable services to the community and has changed many lives for the better. We thank God for our staff and the many lives they have saved, including one of our orphans, Precious Johnson, who went into a coma last month. After receiving treatment, she is now healthy and back to living a normal life. If it was not for Life Builders, she would not have made it to the next nearest hospital due to the poor road conditions of Nigeria.


Life Builders Academy is one of the few schools in Nigeria that does not allow cheating on the high school final examination called the West African Examination Council (WAEC). In the past, some parents have actually withdrawn their children from our school because of this, however, the last academic year resulted in 100% of credit passed on all key subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Science). Our performance is far better than the schools that allow their students to cheat. All of our students have met the required number and subject combinations needed for admission into any university across the country! We are grateful for our teachers who have paved the way to success for our students.