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Focus Partners

HBI Global Partners

HBI Global Partners is a Bible school and Church Planting movement working in India.

HBI Global Partners is located in India and is focused on

  • Church planting and Bible training institute
  • Ministering to at-risk women and children
  • Running schools and after-school programs, health and wellness programs, community development programs

International Needs Ghana

International Needs Ghana (INGH) is a Christian development organization committed to seeing transformed lives and changed communities through partnerships guided by God’s love and a commitment to holistic development.

We seek to achieve this through our integrated thematic approach in promoting community development, with a focus on:

  1. Child Rights: Raising awareness on the rights of the child as well as building the capacity of families and communities to protect children from violence and abuse as enshrined in our laws.


  2. Education: Ensuring that children in our target communities have access to quality education through the provision of school infrastructure and other teaching and learning materials


  3. Health: The health program contributes to the strategic objective of facilitating improvements in the health status of the deprived, with a focus on women and children.

  4. Gender & Empowerment: Empowering women economically and psycho-socially through the provision of vocational skills training, counseling and rehabilitation of victims of human rights abuse.


  5. Christian Witness: The program’s objective is to evangelize and nurture the holistic development and maturity of participants in partner institutions and communities of operation.
Akatsi Church Plant
Sogakope Church Plant

Key Dates in Partnership


  • Christ Church members become acquainted with Reverend Walter and Marian Pimpong while Walter is studying at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
  • The Pimpongs later become the founders of International Needs Ghana. 


  • Christ Church global teams begin traveling to Ghana.
  • Christ Church provides support for the development of the Kanuwloe Jr High School building and the church pavilion.


Christ Church begins a partnership with the Agave-Kuve community. The partnership is focused on community development of life skills as well as including support to:

  • Build junior high school bathrooms and kitchen
  • Build a computer lab and library.
  • Provide Water project for two communities in addition to school location.


  • Christ Church begins supporting students for vocational training.


  • Christ Church partners with the Sogakope Church plant as it hires its first pastor and constructs a building for the first urban outreach.


Christ Church comes alongside Akatsi church plant as they hire a church planter and begin to meet in the school classroom.

    One Collective

    One Collective is a global non-profit that works in communities around the world and is passionate about making sure no one is invisible and everyone has access to food, freedom, and forgiveness. Following Jesus – we bring people together to help the oppressed in order that lives and communities can be transformed.

    Christ Church provides support for a team in a restricted-access country. These workers are developing leaders who can create fellowships, ministries, life development teaching, women and children programs and so much more.

    Our workers are seeing lives and communities transformed by the power of God among some of the most unreached and unengaged populations in the world. Their desire is to see holistic transformation become a reality throughout this restricted access country.

    We’re especially focused on working alongside:

    • Refugees
    • Unreached and Unengaged Muslims
    • Disadvantaged Communities