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Parents! Couldn’t make it to the info meeting? No problem! Click the button below for a recording of the zoom meeting

(Passcode: 67fu*L28). Contact Luke Babbe with any questions at lbabbe@christchurchil.org

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Cove is partnering with an organization called LeaderTreks for our summer mission trip. This is a great opportunity for our students to serve and grow in their faith. We will have the opportunity to learn about and help numerous different ministries within the city of Chicago, and at the same time learn about the communities within Chicago.

• Dates: Sunday June 12- Friday June 17

• Cost: $700 which includes ground transportation, food, and lodging.

• Lodging: We stay at a local Church in the Northwest suburb of Elmhurst


  • If a parent is helping a student register for the trip, be sure to create the account in the student’s name.
  • If the student attended a Christ Church mission trip in the past, use the same login they used last time to access their account.
  • Any questions about signing up for the trip on the Go Method app can be directed to Jeanette Finlay at jfinlay@christchurchil.org.

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