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In ___ We Trust Sermon Series

In this transformative sermon series, we embark on a journey to confront the common idols that often take precedence in our lives. Through the narrative of the Golden Calf, we are reminded of the subtlety with which idols can infiltrate our lives, replacing our devotion to God with lesser things. This series is not just a call to recognize the idols in our lives; it is an invitation to a deeper relationship with God, one where He is the sole object of our worship and devotion. By confronting these common idols, we make room for God to work in us and through us, transforming our lives and our communities in the process.

May 26 | Mark 12:13-17

In this sermon, Pastor Mike Woodruff addresses the complex relationship between faith and politics, particularly in light of the upcoming election. He cautions against the idolatry of politics and patriotism, emphasizing that while it’s essential to be involved in the political process, our ultimate allegiance must be to God.

May 19

Pastor Andrew Palau shares his personal testimony of how the power of the gospel transformed his life from one of addiction and hopelessness to a life of purpose, joy, and freedom in Christ. He emphasizes the importance of prayer, living as an example, and sharing the good news with others.

May 12 | Exodus 34

In this Mother’s Day sermon, the pastor explores the profound influence mothers have on their children’s spiritual lives and how God often describes Himself as a loving mother in Scripture.

May 5 | Romans 12:2

In this thought-provoking sermon, the pastor examines the idol of entertainment in modern culture. He argues that while entertainment itself is a good gift from God, we can easily turn it into an idol by allowing it to consume too much of our time and attention.

April 28 | Matthew 5:17-20 & 27-30

In this thought-provoking sermon, the pastor examines the idolatry of sex in modern culture. He argues that while sex is a good gift from God, our society has turned it into an idol, leading to pain and brokenness.

April 21 | Matthew 6:24

In this thought-provoking sermon, the pastor examines the idol of consumerism and our culture’s obsession with acquiring more stuff. He raises important questions: How much stuff do we really need? How much of life is lost because we’re constantly bombarded with messages telling us to buy more things?

April 14 | Philippians 2

In this sermon, Pastor Paul addresses the pervasive issue of self-centeredness in our culture. He highlights how we often see ourselves as the heroes in the stories we tell, portraying others as the villains. This reflects a broader cultural trend where the self has become the center of the universe.

April 7 | Exodus 32

Join us in this enlightening sermon as we journey through Exodus 32, uncovering the timeless struggle against idolatry that persists in our modern lives. Pastor Mike draws parallels between the ancient Israelites’ worship of the golden calf and our contemporary idols, inviting us to reflect on what truly holds the central place in our lives. This message is a call to refocus on the one true God, revealing the subtleties of modern idolatry and the path to genuine worship.