Special Needs

The Harbor Ministry of Lighthouse is a safe haven for children with special needs. We welcome children of all abilities to our Sunday morning program of worship and age-appropriate activities.

Our Goals

To allow parents to worship knowing that their child is being cared for in a safe and loving environment.

To make coming to God’s house the best part of your child’s week.

To ensure that your child loves being with God’s people.

What to Expect

We know that each child’s needs are unique and that parent input is of great worth. A volunteer with specialized training in special education and behavior disorders will observe your child in the Lighthouse environment, and then work with you and the Lighthouse staff to develop an individualized plan. Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and are included in any changes in their child’s program.

Quiet play or out with the crowd?

We have found that some of our Harbor children thrive in a group environment with little or no extra attention. If this is your child, we will provide awareness training for group leaders and volunteers. For children who become overwhelmed in a group setting, quiet supervised play in our “VIP Room” is an option. Your child may be given manipulative activities or lessons tailored to their Harbor learning style.


Your child may be assigned a buddy (adult or older teen) with special training, to be a loving friend on Sunday morning. The child’s buddy sits with them and helps them participate in small group and large worship activities.