Social Media Coordinator


The Social Media Coordinator is a social media advocate and Christ Church ambassador who can develop and execute digital strategies, expand the reach of Christ Church through social media, and build volunteer social media teams.

Major Areas of Responsibility

The Social Media Coordinator list of responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the church’s social media accounts
  • Advising the marketing team on best practices for social media
  • Build a network of social media advocates at each campus
  • Train staff and volunteers on social media posting and strategy
  • Creating, managing, and improving content for each social media network

Primary Objectives:

The primary goals and objectives of the Social Media Coordinator are as follows:

  • Develop and execute the digital strategy of Christ Church
  • Build the audience on existing social channels, respond promptly and insightfully to all comments, and develop new social media channels as necessary.
  • Develop content that creates advocates, sparks meaningful conversations, promotes spiritual practice, and compels the community to be part of what God is doing in and through Christ Church


Specific Responsibilities of the Job

Overseeing the church’s social media networks

  • Oversees all social media channels of Christ Church through 24/7 monitoring of both content from the church channels and response from the social media audience.
  • Maintains the username and passwords for the social media networks along with who has access to them.

Working with church leadership and volunteers and reporting

  • Regularly advises church leadership on areas in social media that need investment whether it be personal or budgetary.
  • Gives church leadership monthly updates on social media metrics.
  • Creates a social media policy to help inform staff of best practices when using social media.
  • Provides additional training as needed for new staff and special events.

Creating, managing and improving content for each social media network

  • Creates content for each social media channel.
  • Engages respectful and thoughtful communication, responding in a timely manner to all social media communication
  • Monitors content and analytics on each social media channel and adjusts strategy and content accordingly.
  • Updates social media policies and best practices, informing staff and volunteers of changes as necessary.
  • Develops, manages, and executes social campaigns that create advocates and build awareness of Christ Church and its related ministries and partners.
  • Research best practices for ads, channels, and content and keep necessary staff and volunteers updated.


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