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We want to renew communities.

One of our REACH goals was to provide 100,000 volunteer hours between the start of the REACH initiative through the end of 2020. WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT YOU MET THIS GOAL!

Serve in the Church

Videos, photography, writing, acting or other creative elements.
Help us introduce children of all ages to God’s love.
Positions include ushers, greeters, hospitality, and welcome center.
Music and Tech
We have many opportunities for singing, playing instruments, and tech production.
Pray with one of our teams that meets at each campus or submit a prayer request.
We need leaders and teachers for our student and adult ministries
Church Support
Maintenance, landscaping, gardening, cleaning, and office support.
Whether you like to cook, bake or shop for food there are many opportunities.
Care + Concern
Provide care and support for those who are going through difficult times.

Global Mission Partners

Click on the buttons below to learn more about the partners we support around the world.