As this week unfolds, remember, your goal isn’t to be a liberal or a conservative, it is to be faithful. Christians shouldn’t first be identified with the party of the Elephant or the Donkey, but that of the Lamb.
This Weekend: If you missed the service this weekend, you can capture it here.
Today’s Devotion: Before we look at the end of Hebrews 5 – in which we get our hands slapped – I want to acknowledge the presence of tension and mystery in the Christian life.
Knowing God: In the sermon this weekend, I reflected a bit at the end on loving God. Because I believe that the best way to love God more is to know Him more fully, and because I greatly profited from JI Packer’s book – Knowing God – I am linking to a post about Packer written by a friend, Steve Garber. It is here.
Mike Woodruff