Oversee the Preschool Department including curriculum, programming, volunteer recruitment and training, weekend services, supplies and ministry development while contributing to the mission of Christ Church. Experience with learning new computer programs will be helpful in this position. An hourly position with a focus on developing teen age and adult volunteers and a strong customer service approach on weekends. This team member may have the ability to work off-site if approved by their supervisor.


· Oversee weekend services for 3’s – Kindergarten

· Recruit, train, equip volunteers and provide leadership, care and oversight to volunteers.

· Edit curriculum and prepare all small group and large group materials

· Weekly builds programs in computer presentation software.

· Ensure safe and quality check-in and check-out process

· Serve in a shepherding role to families, specifically Preschool Families.

· Champion new family connection to Christ Church

· Manage department resources and budget

· Support campus wide and special Family events (Thanksgiving workshop, Birthday Party for Jesus, etc.)


· Attends all required training, in-service, and staff meetings

· Maintains a positive and professional demeanor towards co-workers, vendors, and guests

· Adheres to all policies and procedures of Christ Church

· Performs other duties as assigned


· Build and develop quality preschool team for the location by utilizing volunteers


· High school degree required. Undergraduate degree in Education preferred

· A background in Education and/or previous volunteer experience in a church

· Effective communicator with congregants, staff and lay leadership

· A problem solver and team builder


· Models Christian character at work, home, and social life

· Strive to uphold the Statement of Staff Values

· Possess a developed Christian maturity

· Agreement of Christ Church’s Statement of Faith

· Understanding of Constitution and ByLaws of Christ Church

· Willingness to serve in and/or outside the church