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Anson Hanbury - January 16, 2022

Last Words: 2 Peter 1 Part 3

At the heart of Peter’s last words to the church, he encourages us to remember and keep paying attention to the prophecies of scripture that Jesus will return. The fact that he was an eyewitness to Jesus’ appearance after the resurrection confirms the truth of prophecies, and we should rely on them like a light in a dark place. In verse 19, Peter speaks both to the darkness of the world and the impact of that darkness on our hearts. When the dawn of Jesus’ return comes, the world and our hearts will be flooded with light. Until then, we must resist the voices in the world and in our heads saying that things will never change (3:4), and we must press on in faith through the night (1:5-11)

Scripture References: 2 Peter 1:19-21

From Series: "Last Words"

As we launch into a new year full of fresh beginnings, we are going to look at old words that were written as Last Words. This three week series is on 2 Peter, which are the last words the Apostle Peter wrote. He knew he was close to death and was sharing some final thoughts.

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