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Mike Woodruff - October 16, 2022

How Do You Know: Week 6

Today we're finishing our "How Do You Know" series where we've looked at how we can be sure of what we believe. Mike will end today with what we do with all of this -- what is the next step? Next week we'll begin a new series picking right up where we leave off, that there's still work to be done (slide). God has made each of us to do meaningful, purposeful work -- whether in an office, a school, or a home -- and we'll learn that God is working in and through us as we do.

From Series: "How Do You Know"

It’s our annual “welcome back, jump in, here we go” Fall series. The question animating all of this is: how do we know what we know? How do we know what really matters? How do we know who we are? How do we know what is expected of us? How do we know what the good life is? How do we know what happens when we die? How do we know what we know? There are seven big life questions that form our worldview – that mental grid that helps us process life. Everyone has a worldview. We are all shaped by the assumptions that shape our thinking. The question is not whether we have answered the seven questions, the question is: are our answers to the Seven Questions any good.

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