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Mike Woodruff - September 30, 2018

What If Your Life Honored God?

What If? Conversations for a Better World

Thank you for joining us in Week 3 of our What If? Conversations for a Better World series, a ten-week series stemming from the 10 commandments. This week, week we hit upon another commandment that most people miss the weight of what God is trying to communicate to us. Number three. It’s one people think they know – “Do not take the name of the Lord in vain” – but it’s so much bigger than most people think. Listen as Mike Woodruff breaks down the third of the four commandments that make up the first “tablet” that Moses presented to the Israelites, and governs our relationship with God.

Scripture References: Exodus 20:7

From Series: "What If? Conversations for a Better World"

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