Dear Christ Church Family,
As you begin your week, be encouraged: 1) Light travels at 186,000 miles per second – which means it travels around the equator 7 times every second; 2) even at that speed it takes 100,000 light years to get from one side of our galaxy to the other; 3) our galaxy (the Milky Way) is small. It “only” has 2 – 3 billion stars. Some galaxies have trillions; and 4) there are fifty billion galaxies. Where am I going with this? The God who spoke 50 billion massive galaxies into existence is more than able to care for your needs.
Today’s Devotion: The God of such infinite power is not only able to care for you, he humbled himself for you – not just to death, but “even death on a cross.”
This Past Weekend: If you joined us online you know that Dr. Ryken shared an insightful sermon on Psalm 142 (here) and also spoke about his recent battle with depression (here).
When Will We Open?: As we prepare to enter Phase 3 of Restore Illinois – which allows for gatherings of up to ten – we will continue to offer daily resources, a weekly online worship service (and other online events) AND we will be encouraging small groups to start meeting in person. And soon we will be hosting in-person worship events. As a step in that direction, on June 7 there will be drive up Communion at each campus. More to follow.
Press On,
Mike Woodruff