Dear Christ Church Family,
Godspeed as you trundle ahead. I am praying that we will be faithful with whatever opportunities the Lord opens up for us today. I am also praying that you will chose to spend part of the day being particularly mindful instead of mindless. The first is much harder than the second. But we need more of the second. And one of the ways COVID Sheltering-in-place is a remarkable gift, is that it has upended schedules. May we rebuild them in more thoughtful ways.
Today’s Devotion: We are continuing to move through the Carmen Christi – the oldest Christian hymn we know of. Today we look at the fifth step Jesus descended.
Tonight:  Several months ago, I had LEAD’s CEO Andy Duran as a panelist for our Community Conversation about legalizing marijuana in IL. Today at 11:00 a.m., he and Audrey Grunst – a LCSW & Owner of Simply Bee – will be hosting a Q & A about teens, substance abuse, adolescent mental health and related topics. To join that Zoom call you will click here on Thursday at 11:00 a.m.
Science and Faith: If you missed my interview with Dr. John Lennox – on his new book,Can Science Explain Everything? – you can watch it here.
Press On,
Mike Woodruff