Dear Christ Church Family,
Greetings from a cloudy Atlanta.
Today’s Devotion: The second chapter of Philippians is one of the most powerful and most important chapters in the Bible. Today’s topic is not the main one, but it is hugely important. The way to get along and the way to get ahead is to consider the needs of others ahead of your own .
Lighthouse Kids Live: The campus pastors announced in their email yesterday that a new Lighthouse (our children’s ministry) program is launching this weekend! It is 50 minutes long and full of fun segments to help your kids learn about who GOD is and how much He loves them! Lighthouse Kids Live is available under the Kids Online Tab on our website.
Behind the Scenes at Christ Church: Finally, on Monday night I hosted an hour long Q & A driven update about the church. You can watch it here.
Press On,
Mike Woodruff