Today is about the first time in the last two weeks that I have looked past the next two hours. It feels good to stop responding for a minute and to reflect. Several things are obvious.

  • Life has changed and you are responding. From participating in our online weekend services to caring for your neighbors, you have been reaching out. Thank you.
  • The Christ Church leadership team has been doing a great job. Staff, small group leaders, elders and deacons and beyond have stepped up. It is fun to get to work with the teams that we are blessed to have.
  • At the moment we have identified more people who want to serve than we have identified people who need help. That may change, but – again – it speaks volumes about you.

Sheri and I have are thankful to God for so much. Please know that we are praying for you during this tough time. And please know that we appreciate your efforts to help keep Christ Church financially healthy and stable as we move towards the needs and opportunities around us.

Today’s video continues our study of the petitions that make up The Lord’s Prayer. Today focuses on: “thy will be done.”

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