Happy Thursday.
I hope that today finds you anxious to see the Kingdom of God expand – in your world and in your heart.
The Kingdom of God: God’s rule and reign is the focus of today’s study. We have arrived at the second of the six petitions that make up The Lord’s Prayer. Yesterday was “Hallowed by thy name.” Today it is, “Thy Kingdom Come.”
Hope: This weekend’s sermon is on hope. I think it’s a misunderstood concept, and also a game-changer. I know you are not going anywhere, so I am counting on you tuning in.
Prayer: On Tuesday night about forty people tuned in for a prayer time via teleconference. It will happen again next Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Make plans now to attend. To sign up you need to send an email to: prayer@christchurchil.org.
Press On,