I hope this email finds you well in one of the most unusual spring breaks on record. Speaking of March in Chicago, let’s talk about Heaven!
A few days ago, Mike started walking us through the 57 words of The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13. He noted the words, “our” and “Father.” The next word we come to (besides “in”) is “Heaven.” In today’s video devotional, I talk about a couple of ways thinking about Heaven can help us today.
Starting tomorrow, the daily update will arrive in your email inbox first thing in the morning. We hope it will help set you set a healthy perspective for the day and also stay connected with your church family.
Also, this Thursday evening, a group of Chicago area pastors will be leading a citywide prayer gathering at 8:00 p.m. You can access it at aprayingcity.com . The hope is that this will be an encouraging time of prayer for people in our churches and all across Chicagoland, and that it might help show some of the blessing God has given us in collaborative, unified relationships across the city. Many of us will be participate, and we invite you to join in.
On behalf of the church staff, I pray God’s peace and protection for you today.