I was just told that we should be thinking “physical distancing” not “social distancing.” I agree. The COVID virus may be forcing extended boundaries, but as I noted in yesterday’s video devotion, we need each other.

Today I continue with the second word of The 57 Words that Changed the World. I hope you’ll watch it. (And BTW, I am working hard to get these down to 2 minutes, even though I think it takes me longer to sneeze!)

Thanks to all of you who are offering to help, who are sending words of encouragement or who are lifting us up in prayer. FYI, we have largely transitioned to a Work from Home environment, but the staff and others continue to keep things going. (BTW, soon I will have more to say about how we can link helpers and helpees).

Finally, thanks to those of you who continue to financially support Christ Church. And please do not forget about St. James Care Ministry, which provides practical and financial aid to those in the Christ Church family who are struggling. If you are not sure how to give while we are not meeting, below are several ways you can still give to the church.

And here is the link to this weekend’s services. Why not forward this on to a friend. I am going to be reflecting on Psalm 11:3 – “The foundations have crumbled. Now what do I do?”

Press On,