Happy Tuesday – and happy St. Patrick’s Day. My mom’s maiden name is McBride, so I have some Gaelic blood in me. Not sure if it’s Irish or Scottish, and I have not tried 23 and Me to sort that out. I am not sure it matters.The truth is, I do not need any excuse to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s day because he is one of my heroes.┬áPatrick was a great guy and very appropriate person for us to think about at a time like this.

Yesterday I encouraged you to reach out to people in your neighborhood and also to call two people and ask two questions. I hope you did that.

In future updates – and in future sermons – I will try to share other insights that seem particularly timely for this moment. I look forward to coming to you each day one way or the other to try to encourage you and to help you keep your perspective as we navigate this interesting moment.

God’s blessings upon you today.