Fall 2020

We are turning to the first few chapters of the Book of Revelation, where we find seven letters, written by Jesus to seven different churches. They are assessments. Performance Reviews.  Report Cards on how they have been doing. These seven churches were real churches 2,000 years ago. Today they serve as templates for hundreds of thousands of local churches scattered around the world.

What would Christ say about our passion for God? Faithful service? Endurance in trials? Would His words bring commendation… or condemnation? Over 7 weeks, we are going to examine what he said to them as we consider what He is saying to us!

We designed this custom guide to help you understand God’s Word, engage with the Sunday sermons, and learn more about the context of these seven letters.

The sermon discussion guide will be posted with the sermon each Sunday, as well as on our Weekly Resources page.

Check out some of the artwork online that our congregants have created around this series. Each piece of artwork comes complete with the artist’s interpretation of Letters from God.

Thank you to all the artists who contributed.