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Crossroads will be taking a mission trip to Kansas City. This trip is open to SHYG and COVE students (7th-12thgraders). We are partnering with a missions organization called City Service Mission. On this trip students will experience the city and have opportunities to serve in homeless shelters, kids programs, and much more.

Registration Instructions:

  1. If a parent is helping a student register for the trip, be sure to create the account in the student’s name.
  2. If the student attended a Christ Church mission trip in the past, use the same login they used last time to access their account.
  3. Any questions about signing up for the trip on the Go Method app can be directed to me (jfinlay@christchurchil.org).


Crossroads attenders can help Crossroads SHYG & COVE students raise money for this mission trip by hiring them for odd jobs and work around the house. Contact Conner Flowe at cflowe@christchurchil.org for more information.