Dear Christ Church Family,
When I read a book by Leslie Newbigen, I end up underlining things on every page. Here is an example of something I highlighted. In response to being asked, “Are you an optimist or a pessimist?” Newbigen said, “Neither: Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.” In other words, something so significant happened that it overwhelms everything else. As I hinted in yesterday’s sermon, if you are putting your trust in Modernity, these are particularly rough days. But if your hope is in Christ you can find strength. The tomb was empty and that changes everything.
Today’s Devotion:  There is so much in Philippians 4 that jumps off the page. Today it’s Paul’s advice about anxiety.
BBQ / Here for Highwood: The opportunity to order BBQ for July 4th – and help the Highwood community, which will receive 100% of the proceeds – closed last night. But I can sneak your order in if you order today before noon. For more details, click here.
Press On,
Mike Woodruff