Dear Christ Church Family,
These are challenging times, but there are some bright spots. I believe it is becoming clearer to many that: 1) the church is not a building; 2) small groups are a priority not a program; and 3) there is value in personal margin.
Today’s Devotion: We finish Philippians today. I hate to leave it, but I’m excited about the Book of Hebrews, which starts on Monday.
A Saturday Devotion: Tomorrow I introduce a series of Saturday devotions based on church history. My plan is to review 100 of the most important people, events and ideas in the last 2,000 years. If this works, it will last two years. My tentative title is 100 Inflexion Points.
Be Praying: I do not need to tell you that our country in general – and Chicago in particular – needs our prayers.
Press On,
Mike Woodruff