Dear Christ Church Family,
I started today with Psalm 56, which suggests that Fear and Faith can coexist, but faith wins if we feed it. Faith is not simply a vague sense that God will work things out, but the growing confidence that emerges out of prayerful immersion in Scripture. Feed faith, not fear.
Today’s Devotion: In Philippians 4:11-12, Paul talks about his discovery of a profound secret. Indeed, he is on to something many seek after but do not find: contentment. It’s quite a remarkable claim coming from someone writing from prison. Today, I take a second look at how we might be content.
Tonight: Last night both Crossroads and Lake Forest campuses held outdoor worship services. Tonight it’s Highland Park’s turn. And Sunday – at 5:00 p.m. – those preparing to launch Christ Church Vernon Hills – will be gathering.
Sunday mornings in August: We are preparing and planning for Sunday morning worship gatherings in August. We will continue to have online services as we have done the last several months, but each campus will also be meeting together in person on Sunday mornings. August 2 will be the first in person services and will be outdoors. Please RSVP here.
Press On,
Mike Woodruff