Global Mission Partners

As part of our vision to reach people and renew communities, Christ Church supports several partners around the world.

Partners to write a letter to:

In the Letters from God series, we are encouraging you to write a letter encouraging a missionary. Below are some of Christ Church’s global partners who would enjoy hearing from you.

Drop off your letter or mail it to Christ Church and we will put them together and send them to these partners.

Address the letter to the Partner’s Name c/o Christ Church, 100 N. Waukegan Rd., Lake Forest, IL 60045.

Tyndale Theological Seminary

Tyndale is one of the few evangelical seminaries in all of Europe. They train students from around the world (many from Africa and Asia) to go back to their home countries to further God’s Kingdom in the areas of study that they pursued while at Tyndale.

Tim Nash

Tim ministers in Tecate, Mexico where he trains local leaders, is involved in local churches and in the community and works with the Kumiai Indian tribe to help them with economic development and discipleship.

Taylor Wilcox

Taylor attends Christ Church Crossroads and is on staff full-time with Wycliffe Bible Translators recruiting linguists (while living in the US) and doing photojournalism. She is currently in the support-raising stage of her ministry.

Sean and Sarah Smith

Sean and Sarah recently arrived in the Czech Republic with their young son after a 5 month delay due to Covid.  Sarah is expecting her second baby by the end of the year. They are working with a local church to train young people for leadership roles in the church. Sean is also doing some theological teaching. They most recently attended Christ Church Highland Park.

Mike and Rachel

Mike and Rachel are currently on home assignment in the US.  While on the field in southeast Asia, they do holistic community development work as part of a NGO (non-government organization).  They live and work midst the people group that they hope to influence.  Mike and Rachel have three children that would love to hear from you (as well as themselves):

Jonathan – (10th grade)
Sarah –  (4th grade)
Anna –  (1st grade)

NOTE:  If writing to the children, please do not use the term “missions” or “missionary” or ” missionary children”.  On the field, they are referred to as children of global workers.

Luis Palau Association

The Palau Association is an evangelistic organization that holds festivals and other meetings all over the world with the purpose of many coming to Christ.  Luis Palau has had cancer for a couple of years now, however, he has three sons and many others that are faithfully carrying on the ministry.

Chris and Kathy Gouzoules

Chris and Kathy are currently living in Illinois. Their ministry is in Mexico, however, they had to return home several years ago due to safety concerns. They work in an area in central Mexico known as the “Circle of Silence” – an area with little Christian witness and few churches. Chris travels regularly to Mexico and does training for local leaders via Zoom.

Additional Global Partners:

Unfortunately these partners cannot receive letters at this time

The Oluwayemi Family

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Scott and Barb Harbert

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ScholarLeaders International

Lake Forest, IL, USA ScholarLeaders International provides encouragement and financial support to gifted leaders who…

IN Ghana

Ghana International Needs Ghana is an organization that walks alongside vulnerable women and children in…

Armando and Jennifer

NW Asia (For security reasons, their last name and exact location are not listed) Armando…