We care about you

Christ Church offers Pastoral counseling, Prayer Support, Spiritual Direction, Care Companions, Support Groups and hands-on assistance to provide the care you are looking for. During the Covid-19 quarantine, there are some support groups meeting online, please contact the leaders of the group to confirm the meeting times and dates for group video conferencing. Pastoral counseling, prayer and spiritual check-ins will be provided over the phone. Click the buttons below to learn more:

Support Groups
We offer a variety of support groups for those who are going through some of life’s toughest situations.
Care Ministries
We offer Pastoral Counseling, Spiritual Direction, and Care Companions to provide the care you are looking for.
Pastoral Care
For pastoral care and support please locate the nearest campus to you so the pastor may reach out to you.
Prayer Support
We would love to pray for you. Please let us know your prayer request.
For those times when you need practical help like home repair, food, legal assistance and more.
Marriage Support
In order to protect your relationship here are a few helpful resources.
Online Community
If you need community and connection, we have several online groups meeting.