Name tags are printed when you check in your child. Put the name tag on your child before they go to their classroom.


Security claim checks are given each time you check in, with randomly generated, matching code on both your child’s name tag and the claim checks. You will receive two claim checks for whoever will be picking up the child. At the end of class time, you will present this security claim check to pick up your child.


What time can I sign in my child?

The sign in stations will be open 15 minutes before each service.

What if my child brings a friend?

Your child’s friend will check in with your family and receive name tags.

Where do I bring my child?

After checking in and placing the name tag on your child, escort your child to their department. You will be greeted and escorted to the child’s classroom.

Where do I pick up my child?

You will pick your child up at their classroom door by presenting your claim check.

What if I want someone else to pick up my child?

Your child may be released to any individual 5th grade and older who has the matching claim check.

What happens if I lose my claim check?

We strongly recommend you keep track of your claim check. If you lose them, a staff member will need to verify that you are an authorized pick up person in our system and check your ID.

What about my baby's special needs and feeding schedule?

You will be able to provide this information at the door of your child’s class.

What if my child has allergies?

This information is printed on their name tag.

What if I have to leave early?

Simply present your claim check and pick up your child.