Donate your car

Thank you for considering a donation to the CARS Ministry. Donating a car, motorcycle, RV, or boat serves those who lack the resources to provide for their own transportation needs.

We make any needed repairs and clean the vehicle before handing the keys to its new owner—a qualified single parent. We sell clunkers and use the proceeds to repair working vehicles.

Donors also receive a tax deduction receipt for the full-market value of the vehicle. When you donate a vehicle, please make sure we have your current mailing address. Within 30 days, you will receive a receipt and IRS tax form 1098-C in the mail.

How CARS maximizes your donation

The CARS Ministry is a self-supporting ministry of Christ Church. We do not use money from the church budget to operate. CARS relies solely on the generosity of donors. We work hard to maximize the value of each donated vehicle by utilizing optimal sales channels.

We have good relationships with salvage yards so we get higher-than-average values for vehicles that we can’t repair. In addition, because all labor is done by volunteers, the full proceeds from the sale of any vehicle go back to helping those we serve.

How much is my donated car worth?

Some donated vehicles are fully inspected and repaired, using a 100-point checklist. They are then test-driven before being given to qualified recipients. CARS salvages other vehicles for parts or sells them and uses the proceeds to directly support the CARS Ministry.

CARS complies with all current tax laws by notifying the donor of the vehicle’s value for tax-deduction purposes. Once we have donated or sold the vehicle, you will be informed by mail of the vehicle’s value.


Vehicles given to new owners by the CARS Ministry are given freely, and thus no value is established by the sale. In these instances, the donor may claim the fair market value of the vehicle per NADA or Kelley Blue Book guidelines.


Vehicles that are not repairable (or not financially feasible to repair) still hold value for the CARS Ministry because they are salvaged for parts. The value of these vehicles is $499 or less, as determined by the donor.

Drop Off & Pick Up

To drop off your vehicle or to have us pick it up, contact Gary Jones at

When you donate a vehicle, please provide the following:

  • Keys, including gas tank or trunk key if applicable
  • Title
  • Any accessories

At the time of pick-up, we require a key and a title for the vehicle you wish to donate. Please sign the title on the “Signature of Seller” line (Illinois titles only). We cannot accept vehicles without a signed title. Within 30 days, you will receive a receipt and IRS tax form 8283 in the mail.