dominican republic

We will once again be building homes with the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) group that hosted us in past years.

• Dates: Tuesday, June 7-Monday June 13
• Cost: $2100 which includes airfare, ground transportation, food, and lodging.
• Lodging: We will stay in a secure complex not far from where we will be building, sleeping on bunk beds.

registration instructions

  1. If a parent is helping a student register for the trip, be sure to create the account in the student’s name.
  2. If the student attended a Christ Church mission trip in the past, use the same login they used last time to access their account.
  3. Any questions about signing up for the trip on the Go Method app can be directed to me (jfinlay@christchurchil.org).


Students are encouraged to raise funds for their trips. We assist them with tools to do this. We will have also fundraising opportunities.