How to Share the Gospel When You Don’t Feel Ready

WEDNESDAYs, 7:30 – 8:45 p.m.

(January 20 – February 24)


Has Christ impacted your life, but you don’t know how to share His hope with others? Sharing the hope of Jesus can be as simple as sharing how He’s transformed your life. When we are intentional to share the story of Jesus and pray for peoples’ hearts to be opened, God works miraculously to bring the lost to Himself! Join us for a 6-week online community where we will discover “How to Share the Gospel When You Don’t Feel Ready”.

Session 1: Cultivating Compassion for the lost. Watch the replay here.

Session 2: How Prayer Opens the Apathetic to the Gospel. Watch the replay

Session 3: Being the Best Friend a person has ever had. Watch the replay

Session 4: How to Share Your Transformation Story. Watch the replay

Session 5: How to Share the Gospel. Watch the replay

Session 6: How to Call a person to Commit to Jesus


Thank you to James Chambers from A Faith That Overflows for providing these resources.

How to share your Transformation Story

Transformation stories that nurture curiosity in Jesus

  • From ashamed to honored and glorified
  • From guilty or feeling condemned to forgiven and accepted
  • From judging people to having compassion for them
  • From treating people as objects to be ignored or discarded to valuing them
  • From sick, afflicted, disabled to healed
  • From tormented by evil spirits mental anguish, nightmares, fear to free
  • From hurting emotionally, weighed down by pain or anxiety to full of peace & joy
  • From addicted to negative behaviors to freed and demonstrating power over them
  • From Jesus being religion, philosophy, a good model, to the center and love of your life