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Monday, June 22, 7:00 p.m.

Topic: Walking on the Moon

Speaker: Charlie Duke

Only 12 men ever walked on the Moon. General Charlie Duke was the youngest to do so and one of only 4 alive today.

After thousands of hours training to go to the Moon, and finally setting foot on it, Charlie came back to earth to write another chapter in his life; grounded in both family, faith and business. The rigorous training and mental focus had meant that Charlie was out on loan from his family to NASA, and after his return Charlie was faced with the question: what does he do now? how do you top a flight to the Moon?

In December 1975 Charlie retired from NASA to enter private business. In April 1978 Charlie became a committed Christian and with his wife started the Duke Ministry for Christ.

For more info about Charlie and The Duke Ministry for Christ, click this link.


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